Saturday, January 31, 2009

CVS: Game on!

CVS has great deals. When you use coupons to purchase items that give you Extra Bucks in return, you can get many things for free or next to free. Extra Bucks are basically CVS cash. For example, this week Gillette Shampoo is $4.99 but it will give you $3.00 in EB to use on your next purchase. Use a $2 off coupon on that purchase, spend only $2.99 and get 3 EBs back. Use those 3 EBs to purchase another product that gives EBs, and you can roll it forever given the right purchases. When you use coupons, that EB amount will just grow and grow.

Centsible Savings has a great CVS tutorial for beginners. Read it here.

I'd been avoiding CVS lately because they haven't had products in stock--products that I both have coupons for and will give me EBs back. Today, though: Game on! CVS gave me some deals and some much-needed retail therapy.

After coupons and/or EBs returned, the Gillete shampoo, Right Guard deoderants, and Gillete Fusion razor were free. After coupons, the Kotex was only $0.27 and that purchase gave me $2 back in EBs. The Pantene shampoo and conditioner were on clearance for $1.25 each, and my $3.00 off 2 Pantene coupon gave me overage of $0.50 on the overall purchase. The only thing I blew EBs on was the Maybelline mascara: after coupons and EBs, I "spent" $4.00.

Overall, I spent $18.98 in EBs and $1.52 on a gift card (nothing out of pocket) and received $23.00 in EBs to use...tomorrow!

According to the sales papers posted at I Heart CVS, there are some good deals coming up. Also, the bloggers I gave the Lemonade Award to also have deals listed--check them out!

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