Monday, January 5, 2009

A Garnier Fructis kind of day

Shopping yesterday was extremely pleasant. I got a bunch of good deals, and a bunch of free (or next to free) Garnier Fructis products. Take a look:

My first stop was Jewel. I'll list the items regular price, the sale price, and the price I paid after coupons, moving from left to right in the picture. Hold on to your hat!

Rubbermaid storage containers, $1.79, $1.00, $0.50 x 2

Garnier Fructis skin revitalizer system, $14.99, $7.49, $6.49

Ronzoni Smart Taste pasta, $2.25, $1.25, $0.25 x 4

Garnier Fructis facial cleanser, $4.99, $2.49, $1.49 x 2

Wild Harvest organic marinara sauce, $3.50, $1.50, $0.50 x 4

Various Rubbermaid storage containers (all on clearance) $0.73, $0.80 and $1.20

Wild Harvest organic garbanzo beans $1.20, $1.00, FREE x 3

Had I bought these items just as is, the total before tax would have been approximately $61.15 (I don't remember the original prices of the red-lidded Rubbermaid containers). By shopping the sales and clearance items, the cost was $35.80 including tax. After 18 $1.00 off coupons (and 17 of those were expired--remember Chicago area Jewel/Osco stores take expired coupons!), my grand total was...$17.80! That's less than $1.00 an item and a savings of almost 71% (thanks for the math help, Tom!). All products were name brand or organic labels and I certainly didn't sacrifice on quality.

On to Walgreens for more Fructis...

Items bought: Quilted Northern TP (9 rolls), 2 Fructis shampoos, 2 Fructis conditioners, 1 Fructis shampoo + conditioner, 4 Fructis styling products, 1 Electrosol box (20 tabs) and 2 sugar-free Russell Stover candy bags. Before coupons = $54.83. After coupons and a $5.00 Register Reward from a previous Wags trip = $3.75. That's a savings of over 93%!!!

The highlights of this trip were that all the Garnier Fructis products were FREE after coupons. Actually, Wags paid me $0.81 to take one of the products off their hands. Jamie from I am a Money Magnet gave notice in her blog that some of the Fructis styling products were on clearance, so after the Wags coupon and manufacturers coupon there was overage that would be applied to the rest of my purchase.

In addition, I only paid $0.99 out of pocket for the Electrosol tabs, and I'll submit the receipt for the $1.50 rebate, giving me $0.51 in overage and $1.65 overall on a Wags gift card. The Russell Stover chocolates were Buy 1, Get 1 Free with coupon.

I'd say this was a very good shopping day for me. I'm sure Martha would agree, but I don't think she'd approve of my crazy printed vinyl table cover. Martha would probably have a very beautiful and pricey tablecloth. Of course, with all the money I saved today, I could have one, too!

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Tom said...

Hey, I like the printed vinyl table cover... very festive!

Love the shout out! Thanks!