Thursday, January 15, 2009

Steps One and Two

Step #1 in Martha's plan for healthy living is Skin Care. Martha uses a variety of hoity-toity cleansers, toners, serums, balms, sunblock and skin healers. "A blemish or a crack or a rash is unacceptable..." (page 18, January MSL). Yikes!

I do not use hoity-toity facial products. Well, in my opinion they are not hoity-toity since they were all bought on sale and at the corner drugstore.

I wash my face every night with whatever cleanser I happen to have at the time. My preferred face wash is Olay, but I switch it for something else every other bottle. Right now, I'm using a Garnier Fructis gel cleanser. A new part of my skincare routine is to use the Garnier Fructis skin renewal system once a week (exfoliate and moisterize). Otherwise, my must-have face lotion is ALWAYS Olay. Whether it's the regular 'beauty fluid' or the fancy Regenerist stuff, I have to have it every day. Even if I use that L'Oreal stuff featured on the left side, I mix it with Olay. Ole!

In my morning shower, I switch between a face soap and the regular bar of whatever is in there. My main concern is to not get soap in my eyes. On most days that's easy, since my eyes don't fully open until 10am after 2 cups of coffee.

Bottom line: Martha washes her face and moisterizes. So do I! We're almost the same person!

Step #2 in Martha's plan for healthy living is the Gym. Her gym is on her property and was designed by her daughter, Alexis. It has aerobic machines, weights, yoga equipment, massage chair, televisions and a bunch of other fancy exercise machines. "The importance of aerobic exercise cannot be overemphasized." (page 18, January MSL)

I am proud to say this is where I have Martha beat. I don't have my own gym filled with expensive exercise machines, but my workout routine is designed by my son.

I spend lots of time chasing after him and it's the best workout I'll ever have. And the only workout I've ever really enjoyed. Beats a treadmill any day! :)

Bottom line: Martha and I both agree on the importance of aerobic exercise. However, my son's prescribed exercise regimin beats Martha's personal gym. Hands down. Chasing a's a good thing!


Anonymous said...

The little guy is really cute.

Anonymous said...

moisterising is fine but just prep work, dont we all want to look good for "hubby"? to save time with the make-up routine, I suggest using the "dunk & trowel" method, creats an absolutely flawless finish, of course the kids can help out, if U want to use the "paint by number" method but be warned...hide the blue crayon!