Monday, January 19, 2009

Step Five in Martha's Plan for Healthy Living

Step #5 in Martha's plan for healthy living is Water. She has a water pitcher next to the computer in each of her four offices. Martha doesn't mention the importance of drinking water, nor does she reveal how much she drinks each day, but she does say that seeing the water next to her work station is a reminder to drink it, and that she feels better about pouring a glass from a pitcher rather than going through several water bottles. Also, and this is so Martha, her water is infused with lemon, lime, orange or cucumber/mint. Fancy!

I don't know how infused this lemon is in my water, but I gave it a try.

Bottom line: Martha and I both drink water. Often while sitting in front of our computers. Since hers is infused with extra goodness and poured by one of her many assistants, I have to give Martha the edge on this one.


Anonymous said...

I guess Martha forgot to mention the Tequila that really brings out the taste of the lemon!!!

Queen of the Urban Jungle said...

hi amanda :) you should ask your store if they will honor the double coupon sale if you bring in an original store flyer (not a print off their website).....if that's the case I can mail one to you, although it might have to be for the next sale, i don't know if you'd get it in time for this one. lots of stores were honoring the sale, even if they weren't technically participating, if and only if you had an original sales flyer.....and it's better if you can do it that way, all the good stuff is more likely to be in stock! :)

Anonymous said...

When visiting in Estonia we were served water which had cucumber peels (long strips) in the water pitcher...a different taste but also refreshing. I bet Martha doesn't do THAT! You could be the first here to try it! OMI