Saturday, January 17, 2009

Home Improvement

We are proud owners of a stereo. I say that with glee because for a long time, that stereo was in storage. So long, in fact, my husband forgot that we owned one. When we moved into our current house and started unpacking, I said "Where should we put the stereo?"

My dear husband: "What stereo?"

We prompty put it in the only place we could think of: on top of the television armoire. It was out of the way there. Completely out of the way. Observe:

Standing on my tip toes, that's as high as I could reach. Which meant I could only control the Power and the Volume. Loading/changing CDs and changing the radio station were out of the question. It was time to find a better way to listen to the stereo.

We decided to use a small bookshelf as the new stereo cabinet. I drilled holes through the particle board backing to get the cords and wires through.
We put a few holes in the back, some of them unnecessarily. It turns out that the middle shelf in the unit is not adjustable like the others, so some components did not end up where we thought they would. You'll have that, you know?

After some trial and error with the shelves we could adjust, we got the stereo in and on. My little guy is really into surround sound. Now, our stereo is within easy reach and is more of an asset than an eyesore. Behold:
Now, if only I had that fancy Sirius radio service, I could listen to Martha's radio show. In the meantime, I'll just continue to improve my power tool skills.


Tom said...

I love the pic of Payton and the stereo surround sound...

Nice job with the power tools!

Anonymous said...

The surround sound is awesome!!!!