Sunday, January 18, 2009

A Winter Welcome

I like to decorate with the seasons, as does Martha. Winter in the Midwest can be dreary, cold, dark, cold, gray and cold. Did I mention cold? However, when the Christmas decorations come down, I like to put the winter decorations up. I think the snowfolk/snowflake theme is appropriate. Here's a snippet of my favorites:

This trio of felted snowfolk belonged to Diana, a dear friend of Mom Marty's.

This snowman wreath is from Aunt Fran and Uncle Ron. It will stay on our front door until the snow starts melting in spring.

The snow couple roasting marshmallows was a gift from Mom Marty.

The snowman cookie jar was a gift from MIL Terri. Sadly, there are no cookies in it yet. I'm working on that, though!

And finally, the decorations that do double-duty (nice to look at and extra nice to use!): winter-themed mugs from Wendy F. and Mom Marty.

And a super warm afghan from Linda V.

Winter is a lot more bearable when I can curl up with a steaming mug of hot cocoa, throw an afghan over my legs, and watch the snow fall. Enjoy and stay warm!

Tomorrow, I'll continue my examination of Martha's 10 Steps for Healthy Living with Step #5. Get caught up with Steps #1 and 2, and Steps #3 and 4. How do I measure up as a Martha-in-training? Find out!

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olebicyclebuddy said...

Where's the baby snowperson? Seriously, I love this blog!