Monday, January 12, 2009

Martha Monday!

Yesterday, we had the last Christmas celebration for 2008. Or perhaps we were just really early for 2009? At any rate, my youngest brother and his girlfriend gave me an awesome gift: Martha Stewart's Cookies.

This gem features 175 recipes for amazing deliciousness. I recognize a few of the recipes from MSL and her website, but many of these I haven't seen before. I'm looking forward to trying all of them. For ease, and for those who are guided by their tastebuds and/or mood, the cookies are organized by texture: Light and Delicate, Chunky and Nutty, Crisp and Crunchy, etc. Isn't that original? Rather than go by the alphabetized cookies names or type, Martha organized them by TEXTURE. That's amazing! How does she come up with this stuff?

As I try out the recipes, I'll be sure to blog about my results and share the recipes.

In other news, Christmas merchandise at most stores is now 75-90% off. This is a great time to stock up on gift wrap and bows for next year. During a quick Wal-Mart run last night, I found a Martha Stewart Crafts item at 90% off.

For only $0.89, I bought a set of clear gingerbread stamps. These stamps are arranged on a clear acrylic handle, so you can see exactly where to place the inked stamp on your paper. I enjoy making cards (when I have the time, which is hardly ever), so this is a perfect addition to my stamp collection. Hooray for two of my favorite things: Martha and clearance items. And to have a Martha item on clearance...well, it's almost more than I can handle!


Jean K. Lahm said...

My favorite holiday behind Christmas is Target 90% off. I was disappointed that our Target never went to 90% off this year, but I loaded up at 75% off: lights, stockings, a tree skirt (reg. $50, down to $12.50), and ornaments for our family ornament exchange next year.

I want to hang wreaths from all of the windows outside next year. I found some un-decorated wreaths at $1.00 apiece and boxes of ornaments, decorations and ribbon in red and gold. I can't wait to decorate them next year!

Jean K. Lahm said...

I also found these great Christmas DVDs at Walgreens for 50 cents apiece, at 75% off. They're a collection of old Christmas cartoons, which are cheesy by today's standards, but my boys LOVE them! And I stocked up on floodlights at 75% off, too. Those suckers are normally $10 each! No thank you! :)

Amanda said...

Jean! omg those are some great deals! How are we not shopping together every weekend? I did get some great after-xmas deals at Target, too. You just can't beat holiday tableclothes at 75% off.

Tom said...

chewy... chewy is where it's at.

Not that you asked, but I thought I would offer the opinion of this cookie connoisseur.