Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Step Six: Morning Juice

Step #6 is what Martha refers to as 'Morning Juice.' Each morning, Martha makes her own special blend of vegetables and fruit, many of which she grows herself. "I actually feel a jolt of energy when I imbibe these drinks, and I love to share them with my trainer and friends. I even have my housekeepers hooked on the goodness of the juice." (page 19, January MSL)

That sentence can be interpreted in a variety of ways. Does she really share? Are the housekeepers truly hooked? And could the "juice" really refer to something illegal and narcotic? Well, I doubt it since Martha is so straightlaced, but it's fun to wonder about the dark side of Martha Stewart. Especially since the 'morning juice' mixture featured in the magazine looks like toxic sludge, but I digress...

This is my morning juice. I drink it. Heck, sometimes I even gulp it down. But I certainly have never imbibed. As far as I care to know, it only has one ingredient. And no pulp!

Bottom line: Since I don't own a juicer, grow my own organic veggies/fruit (yet!), have a trainer and housekeepers, or enjoy sharing anything with anyone, I have to give this point to Martha.

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Chicagolandia said...

Imbibing might be much for so early in the day, but keep up the great posts!