Friday, January 16, 2009

Steps Three and Four

Step #3 in Martha's plan for healthy living is Walking. I walk. Occasionally I run, and I've been known to do a mean skip. However, I don't get to walk for exercise or fun nearly as often as I would like or should. In years past, I took up running every spring. With the addition of my little guy, that has stopped for now, but I have hope that I will once again huff and puff my way through my neighborhood. For the amusement of my neighbors, if nothing else.
My running shoes are Saucony. Martha does not share what brand of sneakers she wears.

Bottom line: We both own shoes. Does that count? Okay, that's a stretch for meeting Step #3 of Martha's healthy living plan. I'm so far off on this one, I might as well point out that we are both carbon-based life forms. Which we are.

Step #4 is keeping a calender. "An organized calender with every meeting, trip and appointment carefully listed and timed enables me to accomplish a lot each day." (page 19, January MSL)

I own calenders and planners. In fact, I used to be very diligent in writing things down in a planner. I lived and died by my planner. And then...I had my little guy. His birth was the one thing I really couldn't plan or schedule, and since then, writing down appointments, notes, occasions, etc. happens only on tiny peices of scratch paper. It's a miracle if they don't get lost and actually serve their purpose. Sigh.

Anyways, back to planners. The one below was a gift from my friend Ellyn, and I have every intention of filling it with important information, birthdays, appointments...just as soon as I remember when they are. Until that happens, let's just gaze at the lovely planner.
Something I've started this year is a calender for meals. Betty Crocker sends me a free wall calender every year and it features a different recipe every month. In past years, I've made note of the recipes but didn't use the calender. Now that I've stepped up my quest to be more like Martha, that's changing. The 2009 BC calender is hanging in my kitchen next to the pantry door. It details the extremely important stuff, like what we're having for dinner and when our shows begin for the spring season.
Oh, look! Tonight we're having Chinese leftovers. More importantly, Friday Night Lights is back on! Woohoo!
And, before anyone asks, Something New! Saturday usually means that I intend to make something new and wonderful for dinner, but end up scrounging around in the fridge for anything edible to toss in my family's direction. Definately un-Martha-like, but I'm working on it.

Bottom line: I think the calender idea is wonderful. The level of planning and organization that goes into making Martha's calender (scheduling everything, including directions for her drivers, taking a list of alternate activities in the event of free time on a business trip, etc.) is extremely appealing to me, and reminds me that once upon a time, I was that organized. That extreme attention to detail is the thing that makes Martha so successful and allows her to accomplish so much. And since I want to be more like Martha, I need to get cracka-lackin' with the plannin'.

Now, has anyone seen my planner?

I'll continue with Steps #5-10 on Monday. Stay tuned!


Jean K. Lahm said...

You're so right. It's hard to be organized with kids...the variables are endless!

I need to get my calendar situation in order...I plan to purchase a dry erase calendar for the hallway off the garage. I need to put a bulletin board there, too. Right now I tape invitations and things like that on the inside of a kitchen cabinet. A Martha faux-pas for sure! :)

Anonymous said...

Walking is over rated!!! Chasing a little one is work out enough.

Anonymous said...

...actually putting the planner book, calendar & grocery list next to the toliet is the "Martha" way to "Multi-Task"...

Queen of the Urban Jungle said...

on the contrary, DEFINITELY martha-like to look into the cabinet and magic up a dinner out of whatever you happen to find!