Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Step Seven: Hair Care

Step #7 in Martha's plan is Hair Care. Like the hoity-toity face products, she uses some hoity-toity hair products. She also has a colorist for glossing. A what for a what, you ask? What does that mean? I have no idea.

On the days I do my hair, which is any day I go into the office, I use the Paul Mitchell mousse for volume, blow dry and curl the ends. I might also use some smoothing serum to get rid of the frizzies. I just got the Fructis leave-in conditioner (it was free!) and I've started using that on the days I don't go in to work. I am a tad concerned about the hair dryer though--lately, it smells like burning. A little scary, sure, but it does make my morning routine a little more exciting. I like to live on the edge, okay?

I used to go to a generic hair salon, but stepped it up a notch now that I am actively trying to be more like Martha. Now I go to my local JC Penney hair salon, which explains why I own the Paul Mitchell mousse. Don't worry, hounders: it was on sale and I may have used a coupon.

Bottom line: We both wash our hair almost every day, so Martha and I are even on that one. I did get her hair style a few months ago (although it doesn't look exactly the same), and even with the absence of fancy products, I think it looks and feels pretty good. I declare this one a tie!

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