Thursday, January 22, 2009

Steps Eight and Nine

Step #8 in Martha's healthy living plan is Exercise. I thought she had covered this in steps 2 and 3, but she has more to say. Specifically, that on days she tapes her show, her yoga instructors come to her studios for a yoga session. Also, Martha travels with various yoga equipment so she can work out when she's on the road.

These are the only weights I own, and technically, I don't even own them. They belong to my parents, and I borrowed them years ago with every intention of using them. Occasionally, I do lift them...every time we move, but that's about it.

Now, however, I do get a lot of lifting in:

Cutest. Weight. Ever. And nearly 27 lbs! This little guy demands lots of repetitions: Up. Down. Up. Down. He travels well, too, so I can work out on the road just like Martha. Shout-out to Laura for the picture!

Bottom line: I envy Martha's energy and stamina. If I'm reading the article correctly (and I like to think that I am), she has a workout every morning when she is home, works out again when she's filming, and is dedicated to her exercise routine even when she's travelling. Whew! I'm exhausted just thinking about it. This one definitely goes to Martha.

Step #9 on Martha's plan for healthy living is Daily Maintenance. Daily maintenance for Martha means good dental hygiene and skin care for us regular folks. Again, Martha uses fancy products for this. I do not.

Bottom line: I have this woman tied on dental care, but I'm sure she takes better care of her skin. Quite frankly, I'm just happy I have the wherewithal to use soap and water on a daily basis. It's revealing that Martha refers to dental and skin care as 'maintenance.' With her daily tune-ups, I'm sure she stays in top working order. She must, in order to accomplish all that she does each and every day.
Her business ventures include the Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia giant (magazines, books, television, radio), home wares (KMart and Macy's), crafts (Michael's and Wal-Mart), commercial food (Costco), flowers (with 1-800-Flowers), home building (KB Homes) and she also has collaborations with different companies for furniture, rugs, wine and more. And these aren't things she just lends her name to--Martha does a lot of the hands-on creation/design of each piece. She retains creative control in most of her business ventures. Is it any wonder I'm in awe of her?

Well, the daily maintenance step was a tie until I got to the skin care part. I'm off to moisturize!

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Sarah Eliza said...

I have to agree that that's the cutest weight ever... I think it counts double just cuz of that. :P Yoga's great though, it can be good for tying in that #10, Relaxation. I always feel greater well-being when I've been stretching regularly.

As for the "maintenance" -- she probably has her own lab for testing products, and a dermatologist on speed-dial, lol. But hey, at least we Thrifties can usually get good deals on drugstore stuff, if we feel are so inspired... :)