Monday, January 19, 2009

Patriotic treats for inauguration

Martha doesn't get political on her blog. And while I try to emulate Martha, this is one area where I'm glad this is my blog and not hers.


In honor of tomorrow's total awesomeness, a day many have waited for for years, and a day that could not come too quickly, I made patriotic twisted krispies for the office. We'll be watching the inauguration together.

That's 89 squares of red, white and blue goodness. The recipe is adapted from one I found in a special Taste of Home publication titled "Bake Sale." It's called 'white chocolate cereal bars' and you can find the recipe online here. 'White chocolate cereal bars' is a bit boring as a food title, especially for a treat this yummy, so I call them "Twisted Krispies." Basically, it's rice krispy bars with candy melts thrown in.

I use Wilton candy melts. Be forewarned, when making the red color, I added Wilton red color paste to the mixture to make it really red. If you just use a handful of the candy melts, the krispies look pink, which looks like raw hamburger. Not tasty. Now, I'm worried that the red color will affect the taste. I also added some blue color to the blue batch. We'll find out tomorrow. My guess is that people will be so consumed with the occasion that they will consume these treats without worrying about too much color. Because tomorrow, there is no such thing as 'too much color.'

Tomorrow, I will enjoy, rejoice and marvel at my country, that it is making another step to fulfill the promises it made to all of us generations ago. What a wonderful time to be alive! And what a wonderful time to have patriotic twisted krispies. The possibility that will come with's a good thing. For all of us!


teryn j. said...

Have you tried the Wiltons "No-Taste" Red? You could use that as your base red color and add in a little bit of something to sort of pep it up, like Christmas Red or Red-Red. I'm thinking of the "No-Taste" Red as a primer coat of color.

(I'm in the midst of growing my Wilton's icing dyes collection because they're excellent for dyeing wool yarn.)

Amanda said...

Unfortunately, I didn't have the no-taste red on hand, and had no time to run out to get it. I seriously need to restock my Wilton colors/supplies, and I'm waiting for their annual Tent Sale in June. Last year, they decided not to have it, so my plans to replenish everything last year were destroyed.

I had never thought about using the food colors for dyeing wool or clothes. It makes sense though, because that stuff sure does stain! :)