Thursday, January 8, 2009

Mad shopping skillz

Tonight I made a CVS run. I've had rainchecks for a few of the items for several weeks now, and I was thrilled to see some of those products actually on the shelves. I went in with $30 in Extra Care Bucks, and after four transactions I left with $42 in ECBs. Plus, one of the items will be submitted for a manufacturer's rebate, earning me an additional $5.
Highlights: Two transactions totalled $2.40 on my gift card, one transaction cost me only $0.01 out of pocket, and one transaction was exactly equal to some of my extra bucks. Woohoo! The Febreeze candles, plastic wrap and Scotch tape and dispensers were all completely free after my manufacturers coupons. Thanks to Jamie at I am a Money Magnet for the info about the Febreeze candles and Scotch tape thingies.

If you are interested in CVS-ing (and yes, it is a verb!), check out the Centsible Savings' CVS tutorial. And, for those who are really serious about CVS-ing, you must bookmark I Heart CVS for all of the inside, hidden and upcoming deals.

And yes, that is one more Garnier Fructis product. I just can't say no to free stuff! Would Martha? I doubt it--you know that woman stockpiles like crazy!

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