Sunday, February 1, 2009


February is here.

Personal goals for this month are to watch what I eat (and not just as I shovel it in my mouth) and stick to my brand spanking-new exercise plan. I also want to try at least 4 new recipes this month.

Nutritionally, my general plan is to just make good choices regarding what I eat. I do not do well when it comes to counting calories, measuring food or keeping a diet diary, but I do plan to massively increase my water intake, eat more fruits, veggies and lean proteins, and cut back on the desserts. Not cut out, mind you, but cut back.

For the exercise plan, I'll be using the Jillian Michaels' 30-Day Shred. The reviews all seem to say that this is a tough workout that gets results, and my BFF Cindy swears by it. Each workout is only 22 minutes long, and I'm sure I can find that time each day. My goal is to stick with this workout for 60 days before I reassess and make any judgements regarding my progress. Because I think daily weighing-in is counter-productive for me and my style, I will weigh in and measure only at the 15, 30, 45 and 60-day marks.

As for the recipes, I'm sure I can find some here:

Happy February!


Tom said...

Keep this in mind as you weigh in every two weeks: muscle weighs more than fat. I'm not sure how much muscle building Jillian's workout includes.
You may not see a difference on the scale at first, but perhaps the clothes will fit a little looser.
Good luck! I admire your ambition!

Anonymous said...

I have some Karen Voight DVD's you can borrow if you want, or if you get bored with Ms michaels. One is a 30min/day with cardio, strength, and yoga mixes. Hopefully it will be warming up a little and outside exercise will be back in the picture! L