Saturday, February 7, 2009

Something new Saturday

Finally, after weeks of putting it on my calender, I finally made a new recipe for Saturday! I made BBQ pork. I covered a 1.5 lb. pork roast with a bottle of beer, and let it cook in the crock pot for several hours. Then I shredded the meat, and started making the BBQ sauce...FROM SCRATCH.

As you can see from the picture, I kicked it old-school with my 1986 Betty Crocker Cookbook. The ingredients were basic: ketchup, brown sugar, salt, pepper, paprika, etc. After it boiled for a bit, I added it to the shredded pork...and it didn't taste all that great.

I ended up adding a bunch of KC Masterpiece sauce to the pork to salvage the dish. Thanks to the bottled product, it turned out really good.

So, even though my Something New Saturday didn't turn out as I expected, it still turned out alright. Dinner was great and I branched out into something new. Pulled pork has been officially added to my meal repertoire.

Just don't try the old-school BBQ sauce recipe. Seriously.

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Chicagolandia said...

You can even do that with pulled chicken. I use Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ sauce, Sweet Vidalia Onion flavor. If you like a sweet sauce, give it a try!