Friday, February 6, 2009

Revisiting the blog to-do list

For those of you who have been with me since the beginning of The Martha Initiative (or, if you've just gone through the archives), you know that I started with a TMI to-do list:

1. Upload a picture. CHECK
2. Update the profile. CHECK
3. Write witty post #1. CHECK
4. Write witty post #2. CHECK
5. Subscribe to some blogs I like. CHECK
6. Review blog and consider stylistic changes. CHECK
7. Look into this Google Adwords business, so I can make millions of dollars and live a wonderfully fabulous and ordered life and have a staff of 40 people to carry out my orders/creative ideas, just like Martha Stewart. CHECK
8. Continue with the witty posts. CHECK

While the wittiness of each post is up for debate, I have blogged faithfully for 36 consecutive days. My to-do list is complete. CHECK!

Regarding #7: I had thought about putting that wacky Google Ads feature on my blog, but decided against it. It's not the Martha thing to do--she just doesn't endorse anyone, right? I had no idea what ads they might feature, nor do I want just any old ad on my site. So, I went out in search of advertisements from companies and products I use and like--you can see those ads in the right-hand sidebar and at the bottom of the page.

Vistaprint, Betty Crocker and are all reputable companies. I use/buy their products, and I am comfortable recommending them to anyone. After all, how could I enjoy the 40 assistants I plan to hire with all that ad revenue if I were recommending crappy products? I couldn't fully enjoy a life of luxury that way, and that's how you know I'll only include ads on my blog for products I use myself. It's the Martha way, right? Actually, she makes nearly everything she buys, but I digress...

And a big thanks to all of you readers--all 10 of you! ;) I really enjoy blogging, and I appreciate everyone's encouragement as I continue on my quest for domestic diva-dom. Diva-ness? Diva-ocity? Diva-tude? Diva out! Happy Friday!


Chicagolandia said...

Diva-locity! I love it.

Sarah Eliza said...

Hehe, congratulations on the blogging streak! I'm definitely impressed, and setting higher standards for myself after your example.

How did you like the last Lost episode?? I still agree that I don't know how they're going to fit everything in, but I'm sure enjoying the ride... :)

Sarah Eliza said...

Ohhh is Charlotte not your favorite person? She definitely bothered me at first but I think this episode I forgot about that and just felt generally benevolent towards her because she's the sickest, and Daniel cares about her. Though if we're being perfectly honest, I don't know why he does.

Yeah, when I was writing that list and realized I hadn't even mentioned 30 Rock or House I was like, good grief I watch too much TV. But really, I swear, it's just because I watch it online at work... I really do have a life usually... :P