Friday, February 27, 2009

Party Planning 102: Punch

The one thing I make just before guests walk in the door is party punch. I won't say much about it, except that it is amazing. So incredibly delicious and amazing that you shouldn't even consider using those tiny, wimpy punch glasses that come with the punch bowl. Use big cups. For this party and this punch, I broke out the pint glasses. Seriously.

I found the original recipe in a Taste of Home magazine. Get it here. You can see in the pictures where I became pressed for time and simply dumped the rest of the sherbet into the bowl--see the chunk that looks like it came from the bottom of the container? Like I said, this is the last thing I do before guests arrive.

You are going to love this punch--one taste, and you'll never search for another punch recipe ever again.
TMI confession: sometimes I consider throwing parties just so I can make this punch. No kidding. Enjoy your new addiction! Er, I mean, your new punch recipe!

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Anonymous said...

The punch was the best I have ever had in my life!!! Thank you for such a wonderful drink.