Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Party Planning 102: Cupcakes

Two days before the party, I baked the cake (chocolate) and cupcakes (yellow--though I'm not sure how that's a flavor). Frosting is also made ahead of time. I make the standard Wilton buttercream frosting, but I use less vegetable shortening and more butter. It's healthier that way, you know.

The cake and cupcakes were stored covered until Saturday morning when I got around to decorating them. Actually, only the cupcakes came close to being 'decorated,' the chocolate cake experienced more of a smearing on of frosting, so no pictures of that mess.

Notice the smiley face cupcake liners. I chose the smiley faces because the birthday boy, my wonderful husband, is a smiley kind of guy. And I rather like that about him.
Note: the cupcake stand is from Wilton. It may seem silly to own something like this, but I use it several times each year. It is both fancy to look at and easy to use, and that makes it a party must-have for this Martha-wannabe.


Chicagolandia said...

I've actually thought about buying one of those. I have 2 of the cake-carriers (and yes, they do come in quite handy).
Does your cupcake display also do double-duty to display muffins? Now that I've mentioned that, I'll have to add this to my kitchen arsenal.

Jean K. Lahm said...

Beautiful!! I have the Wilton cupcake stand, for one of Brendan's birthday parties I set up a "cupcake decorating station" for kids to add their choice of sprinkles and sugary goodness...they loved it. I never thought about muffins...what an elegant way to present muffins for it!