Sunday, February 22, 2009

Super cute baby gift

Recently, we had dinner with an old friend who is about to enter a new phase in life: parenthood. It's a crazy time filled with excitement, uncertainty, sleep deprivation, wonder and most of all, diapers. Fortunately, as a parent with 16+ months of parenthood under my belt, I knew just what to get our friend.

Behold my gift for most new parents: a diaper changing station. I take a cute basket and fill it with diapers, vaseline and wipes. Add a store gift certificate for extras and a homemade card, and the new parents are set diaper-wise. For a few days, at least.

I came up with the idea of a diaper caddy when my baby was born. While I did have changing supplies upstairs where we all slept (ha! like that happened the first 12 weeks!), I kept a whole second set of items, and the only diaper pail, on the first floor. My reasoning was that I was already exhausted from taking care of a newborn, breastfeeding and recovering from a c-section. The last thing I wanted to do was haul myself and my baby up a flight of stairs to change him: a changing station on each floor became a necessity.

So if you ever need a gift for parents-to-be, I highly recommend a fully stocked diaper caddy. That, and food. And sleep. And if you find a way to gift wrap that, please let me know!


Jean K. Lahm said...

I did the exact same thing when we lived in our last place, a tri-level! Now that we're in a ranch, the basket now stays in the changing table and holds the many diaper rash creams and smaller items like that. What a great idea for a gift!

CouponAlbum said...

Oh!! Really, those gift are too cute!! Diapers gift baskets are right gift for new born!!