Saturday, February 28, 2009


First things first: several days ago, I posted about Martha's stroganoff and promised to post a picture of my own recipe. Here it is:

As I mentioned, my stroganoff is saucier, like me.

And speaking of saucy, I hit the salon today for my Martha 'do retouch. Little Guy got his haircut, too. Aren't we stylish?

And my last bit of blogkeeping concerns my email. It just came to my attention recently that many personal and legitimate business emails were going into my junk folder. Sadly, I was not in the habit of perusing the junk folder before deleting its contents, so I may have missed a few emails. If you emailed me in the last month or so and did not get a response (Martha! This means you!), please email me again.
How Microsoft Outlook can put emails from friends and family into my junk folder, but deliver messages from a Mr. Joseph Poon and his Nigerian prince business associate directly into my Inbox, is beyond me. Beyond! I wonder if this happens to Martha...?

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