Monday, February 2, 2009

Martha Monday! features all sorts of quizzes, mostly about her shows (special guests and topics) and specific things (persimmons, Valentine's Day traditions, etc.). I took the "What's your Martha IQ?" Quiz. Take a look at my results:

You got 5 out of 8!
Pretty good. Your moderate Martha IQ means you're likely inspired and attentive when it comes to Martha, and certainly know what you're doing in the kitchen and crafts room.

Clearly, my work is cut out for me...Martha demands an 8/8 and anything less is unacceptable! At least the quiz gave me props for my handiwork in my kitchen and crafts room, and it knows that I'm inspired by Martha (who isn't?). It's time to turn my Martha-meter to 'Obsess' and start being more attentive to my idol. Who is Martha.
Martha Stewart.
Martha, Martha, Martha!

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