Tuesday, February 3, 2009

CVS and Wags for this week

Oh, how I love it when Walgreens and CVS have all that I want in stock for me. I slipped out for an hour on Sunday and got the deals:

At Walgreens:

Dry Idea deoderant $5.99

Revlon concealer $9.99

Zucol cold relief $7.99

Wags aspirin $0.99

Thermacare $2.49

After coupons, the total was $23.96. After a $5.00 wags coupon and $9.12 on a gift card, I owed $9.84. I'll get $22.51 in Wags rebates, and I received $5 Register Rewards for buying the deoderant. Not bad!


The long and short of this trip was that I spent 8 EBs, $0.57 on a gift card and $0.19 out of pocket, and I walked out with $14.48 in EBs. With coupons, the candy was free and the conditioners were only $0.05 each.

This summer, I'll be teaching a community education class on Savvy Shopping at Waubonsee Community College (provided enough people sign up, of course). I'm going to use the deals above to show folks that with a little planning and coupons, it is possible to get many health and beauty items for free, or next to free. Hooray for Wags and CVS!


Chicagolandia said...

Let me know when this class will be starting - you may have found your first student!

Anonymous said...

I'm so excited you got the teaching job- you'll be great. I think at some point, though, you're going to have to stop buying more toiletries and use up your stockpiles! L

Amanda said...

heehee! I should post some pictures of my stockpiles. I have started giving some stuff away in the form of gift baskets, and at xmas I gave a big bag of stuff to the women's shelter my mom works with. Some of the stuff I get with the ECBs I now just plan to give away. The ECBs must be rolled--Martha demands it!

Sarah Eliza said...

Awesome! I haven't done my CVS run this week yet... gotta hurry up before I miss out... :)