Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Best. Sangria. Ever.

Sangria can be tricky. Getting that perfect combination of wine, fruits and spirits is difficult. I've had many a sangria that left my mouth puckered from the tartness or acidity, and others that were too heavy on one particular ingredient. This recipe for Sangria! Sangria! was delicious.

The only changes I made from the recipe was to leave out the sugar and club soda, and add a full jar (8oz.) of maraschino cherries. Be warned: this must sit overnight to allow all the flavors to mix, so be sure to make it the day before you plan to drink it.

The end result is delicious! And potent, so be sure to have designated drivers for all who imbibe. Of course, Martha says that if you are serving alcoholic drinks at your parties, you must stop serving them an hour before your party is scheduled to end, and to have the names and numbers of area cab companies on hand for guests who shouldn't drive themselves home.

That Martha, she thinks of everything!

I say that you should serve this only to those people who you don't mind having crash on your couch, floor, recliner, front bushes, etc. Let them crash at your place overnight, and then they're there to help you clean up from your awesome party the next day. They'll be hungover, sure...but a hungover cleaning crew is still a cleaning crew! Enjoy!


Chicagolandia said...

You had me at Sangria!Sangria! Nothing is more over-rated than bad sangria, nothing quite compares with a well-balanced sangria. Wow, isn't it time to on vacation to Tuscany?

Sarah Eliza said...

Oh I'm so excited, I had looked for a sangria recipe a while back and then felt uninspired and given up on it... *definitely* going to have to try this one out...