Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Wilton tent sale 2010

Last year, I regaled you with my stories of the Wilton tent sale.  It's that wonderful time of year when the Wilton company, headquarted in Woodridge, Illinois, sets up a massive tent in their parking lot and sells off a lot of their inventory at discounts of 50% or more.  The Wilton umbrella covers a lot of other brands, including the Martha Stewart Crafts line found at Michaels.  Last year, they had a TON of MS Crafts stuff.

That high-pitched noise you just heard was me squealing with joy. 

Here's a glimpse of last year's tent sale:

My plans this year are to grab supplies for the Little Guy's third birthday in the fall, Baby Girl's first birthday next winter, and scrapbooking supplies for Baby Girl. 

If you like baking, food arts, crafting or just a great deal, then you should check out the Wilton tent sale.  It's June 4 through the 22, and you can find the details here.  Happy shopping!


Anonymous said...

When is next year's tent sale? So then my family can plan a trip to 6 flags and to Wilton tent sale.

Amanda said...

I don't know when next year's sale is, but you can sign up at the Wilton web site to be notified of the sale in advance. I think they usually post it online in January or February each year? In my experience, the sale has always covered the first half of June. :)

Kelly said...

I'm planning on going this year. Any tips, for example is it best to go the first weekend or do they replenish their goods? I was thinking of going first thing Sunday morning.

Amanda said...

For the love of all things Martha, get a shopping cart. Last year, they were in short supply, so you might have to camp out at the exit to get one. They sometimes bring out new things later in the sale changing the inventory, but once something is gone, it is gone. In my few years of attending the sale, I've found that things are really picked over by the end. Go in the first week and get everything you want while it is still available. Good luck!

Thefishie said...

I stumbled on your blog looking for info on the Wilton Tent Sale. I'm going tomorrow and can't wait. (It's my first one!) Thanks for the tips.