Monday, June 21, 2010

Martha Monday--Cantitoe Corners

Martha regularly posts pictures of her New York farm on her blog, and she describes Cantitoe Corners in great detail.  One day, I decided to use Google Earth to try to find her property. 

I swear I'm not stalking Martha...I just needed a fun mental diversion that morning.

So, based on the pictures and descriptions, I picked a starting point in Bedford, NY and three hours later I found her property!  Don't be alarmed: the find was not due to my eagle eyes or superior stalking skills.  Instead, while looking for clues on Martha's blog, I stumbled across this post which practically gives the address of her property.  After reading it, I found the estate without a problem. 

Now that I know where she lives, this should make sending birthday cards to Martha much easier!
And this got me to thinking: based on my blog posts, could someone find my house? Please let me know if you are a perfect stranger and/or crazy stalker who has figured out where I live.  I'd like to be prepared.

Happy Monday, everyone!

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