Friday, June 4, 2010

Food presentation

Many, many moons ago, I wrote about a great dinner we had with friends Amy and Patrick.  They had us over again for Memorial Day, and per their usual, everything was fantastic.  They always go all out for dinner guests, and that includes amazing food presentation. 

Take a look:

Even the way they set the table is impressive! At the TMI household, you're lucky if you get real plates and matching silverware.  At Amy and Patrick's, you get a seperate fruit bowl, cloth placemats, a ramekin for dipping sauce and fancy plates!

They even take care to set the Little Guy's place with something special. For this dinner, he got a fish plate for his fruit and a Sesame Street sippy cup.  Amy and Patrick think of everything!  Isn't that sweet?

Food is king when it comes to preparing dinner for guests, but Amy and Patrick remind me that presentation is queen, and just as important as the great meal they always serve. 

Thanks for dinner, Amy and Patrick! It looked, and tasted, absolutely great! :)

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