Monday, June 7, 2010

Martha Monday--A crafty vacation

Martha collaborates with a lot of companies to get her brand out there, and one of her latest collaborations has me tickled pink!  It's Martha Stewart Crafts Studio at Beaches Resorts!

Isn't that awesome?! Beaches Resorts has been on my radar as a vacation destination for a while now that I have kids--they are family-friendly with great activites that feature Sesame Street characters.  But now that they have a MS Crafts Studio...move over, kids! Mama has plans and they don't involve tea time with Big Bird. 

Actually, I don't know yet if they'll have tea time with Big Bird, but they do have baking time with Cookie Monster, which I would totally do.  And if they do offer tea time with Big Bird, I'd like to do that, too.

The five MS Crafts classes they'll offer at Beaches Resorts are: Fun with Glitter, Stencil Fashions, Scrapbooking, Punch and Stencil Fashions, and Make Your Own Postcard.  Love it!

This addition to Beaches Resorts has moved the destination to my #1 pick for our first big vacation as a family of four.  I'm thinking next summer, when BabyGirl is one and can handle a beach setting.  I'll start packing my bags now...

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