Friday, June 25, 2010

Sand trap

For Mother's Day this year, I got a wheelbarrow. Don't worry ladies, I asked for one!
While purchasing the wheelbarrow, we got the Little Guy some garden tools in his size.  This serves two purposes: 1. he has something to use when we're working outdoors, and 2. slave labor in the event that he actually gets any work done. We got some new shovels for the adults in the TMI household, too.

And what are those shovels for, you ask?  What a great question! Why those shovels are so, in the event that we have the time/energy to work outside, we can begin ridding our backyard of this monstrous sand pit:

Isn't it disgusting?  The previous owners has an above-ground pool, which they took with them.  Now, we have a sand pit, and the tarp/burlap seperating the sand from the dirt below is disintegrating letting all kinds of weeds grow there.  It needs to come out and soon.  Hence, the wheelbarrow and shovels.  Getting this pit out of the backyard is the one thing I really, really want to accomplish this summer.  Wish us luck!

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