Wednesday, June 23, 2010

My garden plans

Just like Martha has a neat rendering of her property, I'm making one for the TMI estate. However, Martha's map is based on what is there, mine depicts what I want in the space.  Take a look:
At first, my plans were messy. I was just jotting down ideas and making notes.  And drawing vegetable gardens, then crossing them out to move them elsewhere. Thank goodness this work only occurred on paper!

Finally I wised up, got out the plat of survey for the property and traced it. This became the basis of my garden plans.

You can see I've got plans for a deck, vegetable garden, fruit trees, compost bins and rain barrels strategically located around the house.  I haven't drawn in the flower beds, which I plan to put around the perimeter of the house and fence. 

Now, I just have to decide on a fence company and then get started on this backyard oasis.  I sure could use Martha's 5+ member landscaping crew right about now.  Martha, if you can spare those guys, please send them over!

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