Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Dinner with friends

This weekend we had dinner with good friends Amy and Patrick. I love going to eat at Chez A&P's: the food is delicious, plentiful, and served on fun plates. Plus, they always include Barley in the invitation.

Chef Amy was kind enough to let me take pictures of the pineapple cutting process. She asked how I cut my pineapples.

"Oh," I told her, "I just open a can."
Yes, it's true. Any pineapple served at my house has come out a can. There, I said it.
That appalled look you have on your face? That's the exact same one Amy had on hers when I dropped that bomb. It's times like these when I remember two things: 1. it will take me one million years to become a domestic diva at this rate, and 2. when people think I have the "Martha" thing down, I should really just keep my big mouth shut and not ruin the illusion.

Chef Amy serves her fruit course in fancy dishes shaped like fruit. Isn't that awesome? Amy has the domestic diva thing down--she can plan an event like no one's business.

The meal included grilled peaches. Yum!

And grilled veggies.

Chez A&P's is awesome. Thank for a great evening, Amy and Patrick!
Oh, and that thing about not knowing how to cut a pineapple? I was totally kidding about that. Like Martha, I am an authority on cutting exotic fruits. Really. Really!!!! I swear!!!


Chicagolandia said...

The roasted veggies look amazing! Is cutting a pineapple as challenging as cracking open a coconut?

Amanda said...

Nope, turns out you just need a sharp knife.

Or a can opener, depending on your choice of pineapple. ;)