Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Blues on the Fox

Over the weekend, we met some friends in downtown Aurora for Blues on the Fox. BotF is part of Aurora's Downtown Alive summer series: they schedule two nights of band performances (blues, rock, etc.) and offer them for free to area residents. The weather was great, our seats were good and the atmosphere was festive--exactly what the TMI household needed on a summer weekend.

Above is the stage from our seats across the river, and below is the view of all the festival-goers on the bridge over the Fox River. The area is a great setting for an outdoor concert.

While the music was playing, Little Guy found a nice water scape and proceeded to fall into it. I stripped him down to his diaper, and let him play in the water (there were about 20 other kids all doing the same thing).

He was content to wade and splash for quite a while.

The Big Guy and I let him saunter around in his diaper while he dried off. During this time, he decided to visit some nearby kids. The Little Guy is quite the ladies' man.

The next event in the Downtown Alive series is the Summer Jam on July 10 and 11. If you're there, and see a ridiculously cute and soaking wet toddler chasing little girls while wearing nothing but a diaper, don't worry: you're in the right place. And the very harried woman chasing behind him muttering "What would Martha do?" That would be me.

Welcome to summer--TMI style!


frugalsuz said...

Wow, looks like you had a really nice time. I cracked up at your "Ladies Man" comment. I saw a little guy at a park once wearing a t-shirt that said Ladies Man. So funny! Your second photo looks really cool, it reminds me of a painting more than a photo.

Jean K. Lahm said...

Love it! This is what summer is all about!!

Lovemonger said...

So adorable!