Sunday, June 7, 2009

May spending and saving totals

Frugal shopping has been a side project of mine for a while now. I've gotten pretty good at it, and I'll be teaching a community education course at Waubonsee Community College next month all about how to get the deals. However, I had not been tracking my spending/saving totals, so my super awesome shopping feats could not be verified.

For the month of May, I tracked every penny spent at Walgreens, CVS, Jewel, Dominicks and Target/Super Target. Tax is included with the amount spent. Here it is:


Spent $87.70 on merchandise worth $1482.18 for a savings of 94%.

Note: this was a heavy month for me at Walgreens, at least double the business I normally do there each month.


Spent $10.83 on merchandise worth $186.28 for a savings of 94%.


Spent $137.81 on merchandise worth $305.34 for a savings of 54%.

Note: I am not happy with this 'savings' and I blame it squarely on Jewel's new "no expired coupon" policy. Boo to Jewel.


Spent $86.60 on merchandise worth $334.91 for a savings of 74%.

Note: Dominick's still takes expired coupons--see the difference in savings?!

Target (this is food purchases only)

Spent $79.48 on merchandise worth $216.42 for a savings of 64%.

I am averaging $75.89 for groceries each week, which is not bad for a family of three living in the Chicago suburbs. However, it is a little more than I'd like to be spending right now, so my focus for June will be to use our stockpile of food and get only fresh stuff at the store and farmer's markets.
The pictures of the Little Guy are to liven up an otherwise picture-less post. Happy Sunday!


Tom said...

Did he mow that entire yard all by himself? Ever heard of child labor laws? All kidding aside, he's pretty darn cute.

Oh, and nice job on the math!

Amanda said...

Thanks, Tom! I have some great video and pictures of the Little Guy helping out the Big Guy with the real mower. He tries to vacuum too. Hilarious, but not terribly helpful yet.

Helen said...

I hear ya. We are trying to stick to about $50/week, which is tough for even just two people, especially when you want fresh, healthy food. Boo to Chicago!

frugalsuz said...

Great job, it sounds like you did really well despite your so-so month at Jewel. I love the pictures too, his little cheeks are too cute.

Jean K. Lahm said...

Awww...the cutest little landscaper ever! And you are amazing with the savings!

Amanda said...

Thanks, ladies! Saving is hard, especially in this area of the country. Every bit helps!

The savings will be used for maintenance on the Little Guy's mower (bubble solution).