Monday, June 15, 2009

Martha Monday!

Imagine a place of learning, a place where Martha--the domestic goddess herself--is your instructor for all things wedding, entertaining, cooking, crafting and more. Imagine professor Martha at your fingertips, so that you can be instructed and inspired by her any time you like.

Interested? No, my dears, this is not some imaginary place in my TMI-Martha-obsessed noggin.' It's Martha University!

For a fee, you can download tutorials taught by Martha herself. Learn how to create the perfect wedding cake, organize your closet, renovate an old house, and more. Prices start at $5.95, and each download ranges from 45-75 minutes in length. You can play the downloads on a computer, on your iPod, other media devices, or burn them to a DVR.

Need inspiration for a summer soiree? Check out "Secrets of Entertaining: Antipasto Party" from the Martha Stewart Classics collection.

Need ideas to keep the kids entertained this summer? Then "Summer Crafts for Kids" is the download for you.

Since I am the Midwest version of Martha herself, I haven't enrolled in Martha University. That's right folks, I have "being Martha" down to a science.

Organized home? Check!
(Just don't look in the pantry)

Tasteful crafts? Check!
(No matter that all my Father's Day cards were store-bought)

Delicious meals? Check!
(Hamburger Helper counts, right?)

Yes sirree, I am all about being the Midwest Martha Stewart. You can hardly tell us apart, right? Right?!? Like I said, I've got this "being Martha" thing down to a science. Really.


Chicagolandia said...

You are the Midwest Martha!

Sarah Eliza @ devastateboredom said...

:D Girl, you're so much more fun then Martha... and I seriously think that if you had half the staff and gizmos she does, you'd already rule the Martha-verse.

Only then it would be Amanda-verse.