Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Ceiling fan

In accordance with the energy audit we had way back in January, we had a ceiling fan installed in the family room. A ceiling fan won't do much for the energy efficiency of the house, but it will complement efforts to keep us warm in the winter by pushing the hot air that rises back down to our level, and it will help us feel cooler in the summer to have air circulating with a slight breeze.

Plus, the gaping hole in the ceiling just wasn't nice to look at. Something had to be done.

Being as our family room ceiling is above the 18 foot mark, and we only had a 6 foot ladder at the time, we had to call in outside help for the installation.

And who do you call for such a task? Mr. Electric, of course.

No lie--that's the company name.

The ceiling fan is installed and working. I wonder if Martha calls her own Mr. Electric for things like this, or if she just gets up on her 15 foot ladder to do it herself.

I bet she does it herself. I'm going to have to get my Martha-wannabe hands on a bigger ladder.


frugalsuz said...

Looks really nice! I love the view from all those windows you have. I'd love to have a house like that someday where you get tons and tons of light coming inside.

Amanda said...

This room is what sold me on the house. I love the entire house, but when I saw this room...sigh. I was sold!