Thursday, June 18, 2009

No more flashing the neighbors

For so many reasons, we put up curtains in the living room:

1. We have company coming this weekend, and since the love seat is actually a hide-a-bed, the living room has to double as an extra guest room.

2. As mentioned during our energy audit, curtains can help cut heating and cooling costs.

3. Via an anonymous note, one of our neighbors indicated that they were tired of seeing me walk around the house in my underpants, so could we please put up some curtains already?!?

That last one isn't really true, but it could be. I do occasionally walk around in my underpants, and the neighbors across the street have been avoiding me. Coincidence? Hmmmm.

Here's the living room before curtains:

The living room doubles as the Little Guy's playroom. Why yes, that IS a covered wagon in our living room. Why do you ask?

The Big Guy hangs the hardware. The curtain rod is Umbra Serif from Bed Bath & Beyond. Why yes, my husband IS wearing his pajamas even though bedtime is hours away. Why do you ask?

The sheers go up first. In theory, this will blur the view of me walking about in my underpants.

The curtains are Linden Street Back-Tab Thermal Drapes from JC Penny. They have substantial lining on the back, and according to the advertising, they can cut energy costs up to 30%.

The curtains are up, which means that our living room can now officially serve as a second guest bedroom.

I'll keep you posted on whether or not this helps my relationship with neighbors.


Lovemonger said...

Beautiful! Did you pick out the curtains to match the covered wagon?

frugalsuz said...

Ooh, they're very nice. I love the color