Thursday, June 4, 2009

Office curtains

Another day, another set of curtains to be hung. This time, we targeted the office.

At this point, I must warn you: please, please, please ignore the paper mess and boxes. We just moved in (okay, it was over seven months ago) and we still have some unpacking and organization to do.

That "we just moved in" excuse is good for two solid years, right? Good. Just checking.

Before we could put the new curtains up, we had to take the old damaged blinds and hardware down. Thanks, previous homeowners, for installing the blind hardware directly into the window casing.


In happier news, these gorgeous curtains were a steal from Ikea: "As is" for $10.00. There are a few small spots (rust stains) but I am confident that a washing will get it out. Or I can convince myself that it did, and happily ignore any imperfections for the next 20 years. Either way works for me.

I am really loving the big silver grommets on these drapes.
The fabric is too long for the space, but I'll save hemming them for another day. Along with the washing and ironing of these gorgeous drapes. Which will be in the far off future. I think I have an opening in April 2011. Maybe.


Chicagolandia said...

Those are gorgeous!

Amanda said...

Thanks! It was a last-minute find as I was running to the checkout line.

frugalsuz said...

You kept cracking me up with this post! That really stinks about the window, I wonder what those people were thinking drilling into the window like that. The curtains look really nice!

Together We Save said...

Love the curtains and the ceiling fan.

Amanda said...

Thanks, ladies!

Suz, you'd be surprised at the fun 'surprises' the former owners left us. We are counting our blessings though: for short sale house, things could have been much, much worse!