Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Card-making party

As I mentioned on Monday, I got down to some serious card-making this weekend with friends Amy and Ellyn. I am big into making cards; sadly, I often don't have time to get out all the supplies, craft for several hours, and clean up the resulting mess. This means I send out a lot of store-bought cards.

And you know, that's just not the Martha way. So, you can imagine how thrilled I was to get my craft on (which I hardly ever do) with two great friends (who I don't see nearly as often as I'd like to).

The first step to getting crafty: take 75% of your supplies and spread them all over the dining room table. The less tablecloth you see, the better.

Ellyn brought probably 20% of her supplies. Her 20% is like my 75%, and my 75% is nothing to scoff at. If I am serious about card-making, then Ellyn is probably one step below Martha Stewart herself. Seriously.

Amy was brand-spanking-new to card-making, but she was a good sport and jumped right in. Amy has 0% supplies, which was totally fine because Ellyn and I have enough supplies for a small nation of Girl Scouts. But after our fun card-making session, I strongly suspect Amy might be making a trip or two to her local craft store for supplies. Once that creative light bulb goes on, there's just no shutting it off!

Even the Little Guy got into it. I tried to keep him busy with his own markers and paper, but pretty soon he was reaching across the table for Ellyn's supplies. He knows the good stuff when he sees it.

Then the Little Guy got down to the serious business of unrolling spools of ribbon. Good times. Perhaps I have a future artist/crafts person on my hands?

But you'll notice that he sometimes forgets to recap his markers. With that in mind, we may be waiting on a masterpiece from him for quite a while.

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Lovemonger said...

This looks really fun. I want to make cards too! Glad the Little Guy can get in on the action. Maybe leaving the markers uncapped is actually a sign of genius - who's to say?