Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Almost there

We've been working on the Big Boy room, and after several nights last week of painting a bit here and edging a bit there, the Big Guy and I decided to quit monkeying around and get it done!

I'll be the first to admit that the paint job isn't the best, but I'm very proud that my husband and I did this room for our Little Guy all by ourselves. Since he'll spend the next 16+ plus years there, and we all know how rough kids can be on their surroundings, perfection just wasn't necessary.

I did my best to clean up the floor. The previous owners' daughter left a lot of green and pink nail polish on the floor. Fortunately, it came right off with nail polish remover. Easy fix!

After the walls were done, the window ledge, baseboards and door trim got a fresh coat of white paint.

Of course, that trim is now whiter than the room and closet doors, but I can live with that for now.

Here's the finished product...done, finished, fin.

Tomorrow, we'll load the room. We're almost there!


Jennie said...

Beautiful! I love the color. Must feel amazing to have it finished!

Jamie said...

Wow! It looks great! Are you for hire? I have a bathroom that needs painting! :)

Jean K. Lahm said...

Looks fabulous!! Love the are so talented!!