Thursday, September 24, 2009

Loading the room

For all the trouble painting the Big Boy room was, loading the rug/bed/etc. in was a breeze.

I just let the Big Guy do all the work. I do best in a supervisory role, you know?

He started with the closet organizer. The closet had the usual rod/shelf across the top, but we wanted an additional clothes rack at the Little Guy's height, so he can learn how to put his own clothes away.

This adorable hat rack was a gift from Aunt Fran and Uncle Ron when the Little Guy was just born, and now we finally have a place to hang it. At the Little Guy height, of course. Did I mention he'll be learning how to put his own clothes away?

This Notre Dame rug is a hoot. I picked it up over a year ago, without any clear idea of where it would go. But with one die hard Notre Dame fan (the Big Guy) and another in training, I was sure it would come in handy. And it has! This rug is in front of the window, and it's going to be a nice play space for that room. I can see my Big and Little guys going over football strategy here, before they go out and cream the neighborhood kids in an actual game. Go Team TMI!

This rolling cart is serving as the bedside table and bookcase for now. It doesn't match anything, and I have concerns about those corners on the top, but it will do for the time being.

The "Grow Zone" chart is by the closet. It will be neat to chart the Little Guy's growth as he gets older and becomes a Big Kid. The best thing about this chart is that it is peel-and-stick. If we need to move it, we can...with no harm to our precious, precious paint job.

Tomorrow, I'll show you the bed. The bedding served as the inspiration for the entire room, and it is simply too cute for words.

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Lovemonger said...

The room looks great! Love the accessories, especially the hat (/coat?) rack. I am jealous of the Little Guy's Big Mirror. Can you come over and hang one of those in my apartment?