Thursday, September 17, 2009

I'm not cut out for this

We're in the midst of painting the Big Boy room. And I don't think painting is my thing.

I like what painting can do for a room, though. For the money, painting gets you the biggest bang for your buck. Around $20 for a can of paint, another $10 in brushes/supplies, and BAM! You've transformed a room in a few hours simply by changing the color on the walls.

But I don't think painting is my thing because I always get stuck with doing the trim and edges. And I need ideal painting conditions to do the trim and edges: good lighting, plenty of rest, and a sunny disposition.

The past few nights of painting, I've had none of these things.

We only did 1 and 1/4 walls tonight. It took less than an hour. At the 35 minute mark, this is what became of me....

Lying on the floor, whining about my back, begging the Big Guy to not make me look fat and pregnant in the pictures he was taking, and struggling to finish the edging along the baseboard. It was not a pretty sight.

On the plus side, the shade of green we picked out is lovely. And at this rate, we'll have the whole room done in three weeks.
Like I said, I'm really not cut out for this painting stuff.


frugalsuz said...

LOL! I hate painting too. The color looks really pretty!

Chicagolandia said...

The color looks great! We just finished painting our basement - I kinda liked doing the detail work - I'm not cut out for the big rollers, I like using the brush. Though I hate washing paint out of my hair....I inevitably bend over, putting my head right into the freshly painted wall. Happens every time!

Lovemonger said...

Stick with it Amanda, it looks great!

Jean K. Lahm said...

LOVE the color!! I wish I lived closer...I love painting!! Check out my mom's website, look at the "Camping Bedroom" page near the bottom. Miss you and hope you're feeling well!!