Friday, September 25, 2009

Football dreams

This bedding was the inspiration for the room. As you might guess, the Big Guy is a HUGE football fan. HUGE. And it seems only natural (or inevitable by nurture) that the Little Guy will be a fan, too.

When I was pregnant, the Big Guy registered for this bedding at the Land of Nod.

The comforter depicts a football game, with the home team and opposing team players clearly labelled. The design includes goalposts and referees.

The yard lines are labeled on the edge of the sides. It's just like a real football field!

Compared to the comforter, the pillow sham is a little tame. That's probably a good thing, since there's just so much going on here! The Little Guy will be dreaming of football for sure.
I told the Big Guy that if I find this comforter on our bed, he's in big trouble. He looked disappointed. I know he was seriously considering it.

But the bed itself is what gets me. This bed was at my grandparents house forever, and it's the bed I slept on as a little girl when we'd go to visit them. I always loved this bed, and I'm so happy to have it now as a fixture in my house.

The Big Boy room isn't completely done, but we are more than halfway there. We still need to hang curtains, get a chair and dresser, and possibly some toy storage in there. I'm pleased with what we've accomplished though.
Now, when I've recovered from this room makeover, it will be time to tackle the nursery. Gulp!


Jamie said...

Too Cute! The room looks fab! No kidding, I have a bed just like Little Guys that I slept on as a little girl. As a matter of fact I still sleep on it when I visit my mom's!

Oma said...

Wow! The bedspread guys are labeled. I can learn football along with little guy when I come visit!

Tom said...

Big Guy has great decorating taste! Very nice selection!

Anonymous said...

the bedding is very cute! L

Jean K. Lahm said...

Oh I LOVE Land of Nod!! What a darling ensemble!!!