Sunday, September 20, 2009

Planning for the week

It's a busy week ahead. The Big Boy room MUST get done this week, because all next week will be dedicated to preparing for the Little Guy's birthday parties.

Yes, I said 'parties.' There are three sets of doting grandparents and only one Little Guy to go around. Splitting the family parties up allows me, the Big Guy and especially the Little Guy to have more time with family members and friends.

Plus, I just really like to throw parties.

But I digress....time to focus on what needs to happen this week:

Finish the first coat of paint in the Big Boy room.

Second coat of paint and all trim work.

Clean the door, windows and floor. Clean up all painting supplies. Install the closet organizer.

Bring in the rugs, bed, bookcase, etc.

Buy nightlight, curtain rod and other miscellaneous stuff for the room.

Finishing touches. Make the bed. Hang curtains, hat rack and growth chart.

Introduce the Little Guy to the Big Boy room. Watch the hilarity that will surely ensue.

See, I told you it would be a busy week.

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