Monday, September 21, 2009

Martha Monday!

As you know, the current project in the TMI house is to turn a formally fuchsia storage room into a Big Boy room for our Little Guy. Tonight, we finally finished painting. Finally.

If you are interested in tackling a painting project in your house, then I strongly recommend that you take a look at Martha's Decorating 101: Paint tutorial for the basics.

It goes through the basics: preparing the room, choosing colors, clean-up, storing paint, how to store samples of paint in case you need to do touch-ups, etc. As you can guess, since it comes from Martha, it's quite a handy guide.

And after you've mastered painting the walls and want to try something new, the Home & Garden section of Martha Stewart .com has a variety of painting techniques to try. There are instructions and ideas for painting furniture, stairs and other household fixtures. You can also find neat ways to texture your walls to get the effect of raw silk, gingham, linen and more.

Here at TMI, I'm still perfecting my painting skills on plain old walls and focusing on cleaning out the brushes properly so they can be used again. I move much slower than Martha these days. :)

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Lovemonger said...

Congratulations on a job (well?) done. It's done - yay! I can't wait to see pics of the finished room...