Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Big Boy room

As revealed in yesterday's post, we are expecting a new addition to the family. And that means the Little Guy is getting a Big Boy room.

The hardest part might already be over...take a look at the picture below. Imagine it's tilted 90 degrees clockwise, and you have a view looking down the hallway to what is now the nursery (on the right--the blue and white striped room) and the Big Boy room (to the left--it's fuchsia).

When we bought this house, that room was fuchsia. I wish I had more pictures of it to show all of the gaudiness. The walls and ceiling were fuchsia, and all the trim was pink. Fortunately, an amazing army of friends and family hung out with us for a weekend before we moved in, and primed several rooms (including the two you see above) so we didn't have to live with those colors.

I'm down with a fuchsia blouse, but an entire room? (Channeling my inner Martha) That just won't do.

Priming the room is as far as we got, though. Since we didn't immediately have a use for it, it quickly became a storage space for outgrown kids' clothes and books.

And as you saw from this week's to-do list, we needed to buy some paint and get this room ready for a makeover.

Old clothes that no longer fit the Little Guy and books that were better suited for a grade school reader were boxed up and sent to the basement. The Big Guy and I picked out a lovely shade of green for the walls, and bought another shelf and rack for the closet. Now, this spare bedroom is ready for the transformation to Big Boy Room.

Now, if only the Little Guy had parents that were ready for his transformation into a Big Boy. Fortunately for us, and for this room makeover, we have plenty of time.

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