Sunday, September 13, 2009

Detailed to-dos

Last week, I just had a checklist.

This week, I'm listing the to-dos by the day they need to be done. Martha style.

Actually, I don't know if this is how Martha organizes her time. When the Martha Stewart show is taping, her scheduling is done in (I believe) 15-minute time increments in order to be efficient and effective. But I'm sure that Martha does have an organized plan every day.

She has to...she's Martha Stewart. Right?!

I just had a terrible thought: what if Martha doesn't make lists? Is that even possible? If that is the case, my world would fall apart. Please, if it is the case, don't ever tell me. I just couldn't take it.

Here's what my week looks like:

Buy closet organizer and paint.
Prepare room for painting.

Paint inside of closet.
Paint ceiling.

Paint trim and closet doors.
Start painting walls.

Finish first coat of paint on walls.

Second coat of paint, if necessary.
Any necessary touch-ups to trim and doors.

Move rugs and position bed.
Install closet organizer.

Shop for nightlight and lamp shade.
Shop for organizing bins and laundry basket.

It will be a busy week, but I'd rather exhaust myself by getting something done (in this case, one of the unfinished bedrooms) as opposed to exhausting myself by fretting and procrastinating.

I'm sure that that isn't the Martha way.

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