Monday, August 31, 2009

Martha Monday!

Martha is big into crafting.

Okay, that's an understatement.

Martha invented crafts.

Wait, that's too over the top. What would be in-between? Martha took regular crafting and made it awesome? Martha gave the field of crafts a kick in the butt and now it's super cool?

Well, whatever level is right between "inventing crafts" and "big into crafting," that's exactly where Martha is. After all, she wrote the Encyclopedia of Crafts, and that is some serious crafting credibility.

This weekend, like the good Martha-in-training that I am, I expanded Martha's crafty reach by giving the gift of Martha.

Okay, it was a glitter stamp set, but doesn't the "gift of Martha" sound really inspiring?

This is my good friend Ellyn. We go back. Way back. And when we find the time, we get together for card-making and craftiness. And this time around, I was able to give Ellyn a glue/glitter/stamp set from the Martha Stewart Crafts line at Michael's.

We got down to some serious card-making. Martha is also serious about card-making--she has a Card-Making Center at Check it out! And happy crafting!

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