Monday, August 10, 2009

Martha Monday!

Martha Stewart goes places. She does things.

Okay, most of us go places and do things, but not many of us can do it Martha-style. And by Martha-style, I'm referring to her recent vacation to France, which she's been documenting on The Martha Blog.

She goes to fancy hotels on the French Riviera.

She visits friends and goes to restaurants with cute names like "La Petite Maison" and they eat fancy foods like this creme caramel.

TMI Note: I'm pretty sure I gained a pound just by looking at this picture.

Martha strolls through amazing farmer's markets like this one in Antibes, and tours the Picasso Museum. Very fancy.

Well, here at TMI, we also go places. We also do things. Most recently, the Big Guy and I packed up the Little Guy for a day of fun at Blackberry Farm. It was fancy. Sort of.

The Little Guy rode a pony, we toured some buildings from the 1800's, took a train ride, saw a variety of farm animals, rode the carousel, and went for a tractor ride. I'll share more later this week.

Oh, yeah. At TMI, we go places. And we are all kinds of fancy.


Chicagolandia said...

Wow - that looks like loads of fun! I bet Little Guy had a great time.

Lovemonger said...

If there is a phrase that describes you, I believe it is "all kinds of fancy." Seriously.