Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Blackberry Farm

Recently, the TMI household packed up some cold drinks, some snacks and a well-stocked diaper bag and headed out for a fun day trip. We drove all of 10 minutes (we took the long way) to Blackberry Farm.

Blackberry Farm is a fun local attraction owned and operated by our park district. It's over fifty acres of park land with a recreated pioneer village, a log cabin and family home circa 1850, plenty of picnic space and fishing lakes. We went on the Great Train weekend to see a bunch of model trains set up by area enthusiasts.

The Little Guy is a train enthusiast. He was quite enthralled.

Blackberry Farm's many attractions include a bunch of barnyard animals, including goats and bunnies.

They have a wide variety of birds, including hens, roosters, pheasants, ducks and geese. The Little Guy enjoyed seeing all the wildlife.

They have pony rides in the cooler summer months, and a carousel. Funny story: the Little Guy was all serious on the carousel. Would not crack one smile. We figured he wasn't enjoying it, but of course he threw a tantrum when we pulled him off. I guess he liked the carousel after all!

Kids. They sure are strange sometimes. Blackberry Farm is a neat local attraction, and we'll be headed back in October for Pumpkin Weekends. Happy travels!

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Jean K. Lahm said...

What fun!! I just love places like these!!