Friday, August 21, 2009

Foil lid wisdom

I cook. And bake. A lot. This involves opening a ton of containers. And some containers are much nicer to open than others. I'm not talking about the ease of getting the lid off--I'm talking about the lids themselves.

Check out the aluminum foil lid of this Daisy sour cream container:

"Little acts of kindness can add up to a lifetime of happiness." Isn't that a lovely comment? What a nice thing for a sour cream container to say.

This Kraft container of mayonnaise, on the other hand....

"Attention: Remove foil completely. Do not use knife to open. 1. To remove foil, pop off lid at back corner using tab. 2. Grab foil tab and pull to remove foil completely."

Wow. Really, Kraft? Really? I've somehow figured out how to acquire money, make my way to the store, choose an item, successfully navigate the purchase process and make my way back home without incident, but you are compelled to give me detailed directions on how to remove a foil lid?

Really? REALLY??? Um, thanks, but I think I can handle the foil lid. Really.

Now, back to the nice Daisy sour cream lid....

On the underside of that nifty little saying, Daisy offers a menu idea: mix sour cream with salsa for a tasty dip. The good folks at Daisy mention that they have more recipe ideas at their website. Under that, they do tell you to remove the foil seal completely, but at least they give a reason, unlike their counterparts at Kraft: it's to prolong freshness.

Here's another Daisy lid:

"The most precious thing one can make is a friend."

Awwww. Isn't that sweet?

Daisy sour cream, I'll be your friend. Really.


Lovemonger said...

Nice. I like the floral blues under the sayings on the Daisy lids, too. Soothing.
Attention, Kraft: Step up your lid game.

Anonymous said...

what worldly catastrophe happens if you use a knife to open the mayo? silly Kraft.
This all reminds me of a lid my friend Chris found and mailed to me. In alternating lines, it said, "convienient shatterproof jar" and then "makes a great salad" so that it appeared to read "convenient shatterproof jar makes a great salad". I am sure that whomever was responsible for that layout is no longer employed. L

Chicagolandia said...

With all the Kraft charges, I expect better marketing! Not that I pay quite what Kraft likes charging, but that's besides the point...