Friday, August 14, 2009


Have you signed up at Vocalpoint yet? If not, and you really like coupons and saving money, then you really should. Vocalpoint is a great source of free samples, free products and high value coupons.

Of course, if you hate coupons and enjoy spending money when you really don't have to, then don't sign up. Vocalpoint would not be for you.

Check out what I got in the mail recently: one coupon for a FREE box of Rice Krispies cereal, and five $1 off coupons. Awesome!

The coupons came in a talking card. The Little Guy was amused. Bonus: this talking card kept the Little Guy busy for several minutes so the Big Guy and I could work on dinner. Coupons and a safe toddler activity in the same package? Now that's a gift for parents everywhere.

If you're interested in hearing the Vocalpoint message and being overcome by the cuteness that is my offspring, then watch the video--it's 29 seconds long.

Barley makes a brief appearance in the video, too. Sadly, he's just not that captivated by a talking card. Maybe next time Vocalpoint will send some dog treats for him. That will get his attention!


Chicagolandia said...

Thanks for the great heads up about vocal point. Barley and Little Guy are just too cute for words!!

Sarah Eliza @ devastateboredom said...

You sold me... I signed up. ;P